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24 June 2013


I don't think my son is a summer person, either. He gets grouchy out in bright sunlight, and even though I now live in a city with beaches, he has politely refused requests to go to one.

I don't like summer either. It doesn't help that I live in a place of soupy humidity and tend to be a heavy sweater. I end up just feeling gross all the time. I do enjoy pools, but as a place for exercise. (The sweat washes off as I'm sweating--it's like a miracle!) I do water aerobics year-round, though, so I don't see the pool as a summer thing. I like beaches in moderation, and only if there's a way to get the itchy sand off as soon as I'm away.

Yeah, when it's cloudy out for days at a time, a friend always says to me, "You must be loving this!" Sorry your son is refusing visits to the beach, but at least he is doing so politely!

Amen. I hear you on sweating (I do too); makes you appreciate cold weather. I don't mind water--we have a creek nearby that CRjr and I enjoying chucking small stones in and watching. So that's a nice part of summer. But humidity? Bah!

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