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13 June 2013


I could be talked into reading her new book. One, I like her writing and two, I've participated in singing groups even though I am scared to do karaoke.

Should we find a fiction book to "menage" it with?

Oh, I hope you do read her new one. So glad to have found another Horn fan in you!

Hmmm, a Menage. Now there's an idea. Although I typically like to do those with books that have been out a bit longer...I'd still like to menage a Paul Fussell or Earl Shorris book (two of my favorite authors who died last year) but maybe they're a bit heavy for summer? Must think about this--thanks for the Menage reminder!

Thank you so much for this post!! You've said kind things about my books, my blogs posts AND my photographs!! What is left?? (You didn't mention my hair.) (Kidding.) (Oh, and I haven't forgotten the cookies.) I am so grateful for all your support through the years, I can't tell you. You are so nice!! I hope you win a lottery, no, TEN lotteries, and have nothing but luck and a smooth path for the rest of your life!! Such generosity should be rewarded. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you!!


So many thanks are not necessary. I'm just glad you're out there writing great books. Although perhaps with your good wishes behind me I will start buying lottery tickets. :)
Best of luck with your new book. I hope it does well!

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