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21 July 2013


Nice to see something new. We have so many old books about speaking. I'll have to look for your, too.

Yes, nice to see something new and USEFUL. Most of the new speaking books I look at are just a rehash of things I've read or heard before, and are not particularly useful.
One thing I might add about this book is that it might be a bit much for a person who is absolutely new to presenting and speaking--the "100 things" format doesn't really provide much of a start-to-finish perspective on whipping a presentation into shape, but for people who already have a bit of a grasp on speaking and just want to improve, this book would be a top-notch option.

This sounds awesome. Gonna check it out! It sounds like one of those books that's straightforward enough that I might actually hang onto some of the tips.

Do let me know what you think. I would guess you're a pretty engaging speaker already, just from having met you, but there's always something new to learn about presenting and speaking (which is what makes it interesting).

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