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02 July 2013


Hey, if Jim, his wife, and their FIVE children live in a two-bedroom NYC apartment, he's got to have a sense of humor.

I loved that..."I have FIVE children?" Also that they can't move because whenever it comes up his wife is 7 months pregnant and that's no time to be moving. I hope the book is as good as his interview was.

I've been told my book is funny (at least in parts), but it's also decidedly dark (what with dealing with maternal depression and all). Then again, at the end I have a baby and everyone is happy. While I hate to be gender-essentialist about this, I do suspect that the whole carrying and giving birth to a child and feeding him out of your own body thing is just a fundamentally different experience from the one that fathers have, and that leads to some of the differences.

I think also that fathers get a generally bad rap in the world of parenting, and that they are funny in part to make up for that.


I didn't know you'd written a book. Congratulations! And I must get a copy.
I don't mind dark humor. If parenting, particularly mothering, doesn't break out dark humor, frankly, I don't know what would. And yes, you're most likely write about the different experiences of male vs. female experiences of birth. Too bad, that, really. I often wish we all could have a crack at giving birth--that seems like it would be more fair to me, and wouldn't it be nice for us to have all that in common? There must be something to the grand design that's beyond me, obviously.

And...good luck with your book!

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