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26 July 2013


Since you didn't like this fiction collection, I naturally headed straight for my To Be Read spreadsheet and added it in a prominent spot.

Ha! See, and some librarians told me they didn't think you could do reader's advisory based on things you DIDN'T like. So glad to be proven right.
I'd love to hear what you think of this collection.

I agree CR. I read this collection and most of the stories made me uneasy and sad. After reading "Puppy" I considered stopping altogether. This was my first stab at Saunders, fiction or non. I will have to try his essays one of these days.

Agreed. "Uneasy" and "sad" are both good descriptors as well.
Definitely try "The Braindead Megaphone," a collection of his essays. They're clear-eyed and intelligent but they don't make you want to just lay down and die (well, at least they didn't have that effect on me). I've read that book several times (and enjoyed it each time), but I can't say that I ever want to read any of his stories ever again.

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