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30 July 2013


Wow, I do love that paragraph! And I've particularly been enjoying non-fiction that can make me laugh lately, as well as good discussions on all things bookish, so this is definitely going on my TBR pile...even if turns out that none of his recommendations do :)

Yes, there's lots of paragraphs in this book that I think any book lover (and particularly book bloggers!) would enjoy. And I hope you keep finding good nonfiction that makes you laugh--sometimes it's hard to find just the right title for that.

Immediately requested this from the library when I finished your post. I could not help myself once I started reading it and just wolfed it down in a day or so. I kept laughing and making my husband listen to me read so many bits of the book that now he's reading it. A big deal since we have very different tastes in books; something that seems quite common among couples or at least among Queenan's friends. Loved so many things about the book though, like you, he mentioned so many people I've never heard of let alone read. I think I may have to go out and buy this book. Seems like one that should be owned. And I read "A Common Reader" after he described it as one of his short books. That is a brilliant little charmer of a book and one that a few friends will be getting for Christmas. I hardly ever comment on your blog any more but do enjoy catching up with your books and thoughts on them.

Thanks for commenting! I never mind how often you do or don't--everyone's busy, after all.
And I'm SO glad you liked this book too. I finished it with a real appreciation for Queenan and a desire to read a lot more broadly than I do. (It reminded me of the classic "84, Charing Cross Road," in that aspect, as Helene Hanff was a more scholarly reader than I am.) I was really fascinated that Queenan and I appear to have near opposite reading tastes, and yet I loved everything he had to say about reading. Your comment on couples/friends and their different tastes is very interesting too.
And this decides it. I've got to go get "A Common Reader." Thanks for the suggestion!

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