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08 August 2013


Clearly this child is being raised right!

I want my son to carry his books more.

If you're bored, tell CRjr that 'bobcat' is very informal and that they should be called "robertcat".

Oh Unruly,
I have many problem areas, including not being a natural "player" and not making every meal as nutritious as I can. But library visits? I OWN those library visits. :)

We all wish our sons would carry more everything! I'm super excited to have a boy, frankly, hoping when he's an adult he can carry many heavy things for his old mom.

Tee hee on the informal bobcats. That's Mr. Robertcat to you, CRjr!

A proud moment indeed!

When he gets bigger (maybe 8 or so?) you might consider CAT TRACKS by Gordon Aalborg. It's an incredible story about a feral cat trying to survive in the Australian bush, but it's pretty graphic (think: Gary Paulson's HATCHET, but with a feline protagonist).

Yeah for bobcats! Maybe you can dress him up like one for Halloween. You should let CRjr pick out books at my library some day soon.

Oh my gosh, Katharine, Halloween. I'm not organized enough to sew anything (much less a bobcat outfit), so we'll be looking for hand-me-downs and garage sale buys for Halloween outfits! I'm totally phoning in this motherhood thing.

We'll swing by before the end of summer, although that's coming up scary fast, especially now that we've been invited by the best librarian in our city.

I can understand the holding the book thing, especially when it is something like bobcats. Sunday I impressed a 7 year old and a 5 year old by showing them that I was reading about alligators.

Tee hee. Love the story. Don't sell yourself short--5-year-olds and 7-year-olds can be tough to impress!
I'll never forget the time I was shelving in the kids' nonfiction and in the next row a parent (or nanny) said to a kid, "What do you want to read about this week?" There was a pause, and then a very definite: "Monkeys." I got a real kick out of that.

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