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26 August 2013


I've always liked the concept, but too often it seems to descend into shopping and shoe monologues rather than well-crafted stories of underemployed women in big cities, barely getting by and hating it until some pivotal event changes them, resulting in a change for the better in their lives as well.

Good chick lit is a treasure. Bad chick lit is a penance. Beth Kendrick writes some good stuff, if you haven't tried her yet. It's not, strictly speaking, chick lit, but I see many of the same tropes and appeals in her work as in the best chick lit.

You might try http://www.chicklitclub.com/ for reviews, lists, etc.

You are a treasure. Thanks for the Kendrick suggestion (I've always wanted to read Marian Keyes, too, and just haven't gotten that far--have you read her?) and the website!

Haven't read Keyes, sorry.

Oh yes! The good chick lit search. Lynne gets it exactly.

Unfortunately, I probably label books inappropriately and find that I've only read bad 'chicklit' lately - blaming my bookclub. But most of my club loved the books so I am in a quandry; will continue to read my classics and contemporary literary stuff.

PS I am thrilled to share that I've actually read Bank's Girls Guide but don't remember a thing about it.

I'll let you know if I get any Keyes read, and how it is!

Yes, Lynne is a reader and RA extraordinaire. She DOES get it!

Can you ask what it is they love about the bad chick lit? What makes it bad, in your opinion? I know what qualifies in my book, but it's largely a matter of personal taste and I'd be interested in hearing other opinions!

I love Melissa Bank. It may just be time to re-read her books for me.

Well, I'll suggest my pet project blog, I won't suggest it as a "good" blog though, since I don't update it nearly enough. :)

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