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23 August 2013


This sounds like a fun read!

I did enjoy it, in a weird way. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it if you ever read it!

I wonder if you heard this review on ATC: http://www.npr.org/2013/04/30/177764747/a-british-intellectuals-mission-to-create-the-perfect-wife

Kinda want to read this now.

Thanks for the link--I'm listening to it now!
You know, this wasn't the most quickly paced history book, but I really did enjoy it. Let me know what you think if you read it! (I do think Moore is a good writer, and a thorough historian.)

What an arse! Wants an intellectual equivalent who will also wait on him?! Grrrrrrrrr. Actually probably would enjoy reading about the smart women who turned him down.

I keep a running list of titles and authors as I read them each year. But I really like the idea of noting why I am requesting this book from the library. Just read one that I did not like (The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman) and kept wondering how and where I heard about it. I was on the waiting list for so long I felt compelled to finish it

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