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19 August 2013


I'm a pretty serious Anglophile and cannot get enough time in the world for London -- and still haven't visited the north of England or Scotland or Ireland ... but ... I have to say I've been to Paris twice and it really is great, even for a non-French speaker. People are extremely nice if you muster up a "pardon" on your way into the metro train and a "bonjour" when you come into a store. The museums are incredible. If you're into food, of course the food is amazing. The wine is unbelievably cheap by our standards. And my favorite part is just walking around the city, finding the lesser known museums or suddenly finding yourself in some spot where some major event in medieval history happened. It's worth it. And now that you can take a direct train, Paris to London, it's totally worth a jaunt for a couple days if you cross the Atlantic again. Hell, just being in those two train stations, Gare du Nord and St. Pancras, is worth the trip.

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