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16 August 2013


Oh CR, you make me laugh. Sounds like you need a new pediatrician!

Seriously though, our son never seemed to want to go to sleep at what everyone said "should be" his bedtime. (He's still a night owl even as an adult)

Is there any particular reason he needs to be asleep at 8? Maybe you could just tell him he can stay up as long as he is on the bed and not making noise. That way you can get on with your lives, and he'll eventually relax and drop off, out of sheer boredom if nothing else. We were allowed to take a book to bed, but if we finished it we weren't supposed to get up for another.

If it's insomnia, back rubs used to help me. If he's just being 3 and sticking it to you, this too shall pass.

Lynne dear,
Well, in all fairness, I'm an annoying kind of patient for any pediatrician or doctor. I don't like most doctors personally and I think they're all doing everything primarily for the profit motive so I don't trust them, so I'm sure I'm no treat to deal with either. Who knows? Maybe she's got stock in some daycare companies.

Well, I don't need him to sleep at 8, but I'd like to discuss 9 or something before we jump right to 11. Thank you for the tips, all very useful--will you be our pediatrician? :)

I should add CRjr's been a glorious sleeper and eater and all-around kid for nearly 3 years now, so I've really got nothing to complain about.

Well, I congratulate you on the previous glorious sleeping, cause we are still struggling with that at my house. The only sure cure I've found is swimming lessons. Apparently, that's the only activity exhausting enough to result in immediate sleep for our Mr. Busy.

Yes, I realize I shouldn't say things like that out loud, for fear of jinxing it and also just plain being obnoxious. Mainly we were just lucky.
Hooray for swimming lessons! Hope that continues to work. For our part we like to walk CRjr everywhere (and walk, and walk, and walk some more) using the same theory. In the meantime, best of luck with Mr. Busy!

I just cannot believe he is three already. I never had this particular problem with my kids, but I am a night person not a morning person. If they stayed up late, then my kids tended to sleep in late...and that was fine with me.

I can't believe he's almost three either! Time flies--even when you're trying to coax a wide-awake toddler to just go. to. sleep. I guess I could adjust to a sleep later wake later schedule, but he's still getting up at his regular time and is clearly still exhausted! Evidently he's got a lot on his mind.

So, of course, you've read this:
I don't really approve of books like this - shouldn't it just get passed around The Internets? But, still. Some of the refrains are spot on.

Sleep... I remember that, vaguely. (I have one of the world's crappiest sleepers. I adore our pediatrician generally but I ignore most of his not-strictly-medical advice.)

I HAVE seen that...and wished I had the idea! The author got to use profanity and make good bucks on sales. :)

Oh man, I am sorry if your boy has been keeping you up all along. Maybe he'll get it all out of his system now and be an absolute dream when he's a teenager?

CR, I can only hope. Also, he does go to daycare, so that's clearly not the solution. ;)

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