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21 August 2013


As your faithful fiction anti-recommender, I assure you that I LOVED reading World War Z. I loved the humor and I loved the concept. It's a book that I thrust on as many people as I can.

I suppose it counts as a horror novel, but I don't think of it that way. I think of it as a satire.

Ah, Lesbrarian, my fiction archenemy,

Tee hee. I just always wanted to have an archenemy.

Can you cite a humorous bit from World War Z? I can see liking the concept but perhaps I didn't even read enough to get the humor. Then again, reading satire has never been my strong suit, which is why I tend to leave George Saunders's fiction (although I love his NF) alone.

I kinda thought the bit you quoted about the White House aide was funny, to be honest.

But I didn't get that far; I snoozed out at the Chinese doctors. (And I usually love zombies; go figure!)

I didn't see the movie, either. But I'd go see WORLD WAR G in a heartbeat (google YouTube for the trailer)

It was funny cuz it was TRUE. Except for having zombies.

Like, okay, the way the Russians executed people without due process? That's how it would totally go down. The way the American military went cowboying on in with big damn weapons and no plan?

It wasn't a giggly kind of humor but that's okay, not every book can be Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Well, okay, I guess I see where I'm supposed to find the humor. But for whatever reasons, when presented as satire, I just can't find it funny. I think in fiction I must still like the happy endings, the characters rising to heroics, etc. If I wanted to read funny true or people pulling the same old shit, I guess I just prefer it in nonfiction form.

Or something like that. It's a puzzler.

And thanks for the World War G tip: that did make me laugh out loud.

If you love zombies, have you seen the movie "Warm Bodies"? I wondered if that was any good; I love Rob Corddry.

See above. I'll admit that the author seemed to have thought things through about how it would go (if I try, yes, the military bits do seem funny, but too funny sad to enjoy, really). Also, I think I just heard too much about this one--like how I'd be so shocked by the Redeker Plan. I wasn't. Were you? Seemed pretty par for the course. Than I was depressed that it didn't shock me. Sigh. You can see why I often flee back to good old literal nonfiction.

Uh oh, I was all ready to cheer that now I have an excuse not to read this but now I find it is satire? Hmmmm... I still want to avoid the whole dreary zombie crap.

Well, if you like satire, take the Lesbrarian's word for it and give this one a try. Actually, to me, there didn't seem to be all that much "dreary zombie crap" in it. I was actually looking for more details on how the virus came about and how the zombies attacked, etc. It definitely wasn't a gory read, I didn't think.

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