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16 September 2013


Carol Shields IS a super talent.

What do you suggest after Stone Diaries and Unless?

CR Fan,
Actually, I quite enjoyed "Larry's Party." And I read it a million years ago, but I seem to remember enjoying "The Box Garden." None of Shields's books are long, either (with the exception of The Stone Diaries), so you can take a chance on them. She's got several collections of short stories out too, which might be interesting, but I have never been as struck by her short stories as I am by her novels.

I just gave you a standing ovation.

A Carol Shields fan? Let's give HER a standing ovation!
I'm sending the wave right back at you. :)

Carol Shields -- love her! I'm going to go sentimental, though, and confess that I like "The Republic of Love" best. It's a smart romantic comedy -- almost Elinor Lipman-esque.

I also adored "Happenstance" -- after you read the wife's story, you flip the book over and read the husband's version. (or vice versa -- you choose)

So glad to find a fellow Shields Appreciator. Can you believe I've not read "The Republic of Love"? Here I am running around suggesting titles like a ninny, and I haven't read some of her biggest hits. Perhaps that is the one I'll treat myself to next!

I'm not sure it's "greatest hits"-worthy. But I adore it anyway.

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