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20 September 2013


Your description of the plot of "Postmortal" reminds me of a short story by Kurt Vonnegut I once read.

Ah, Kurt Vonnegut. I'd love to read all his short stories in one go. I'll bet there was something like this among his ideas--he did have a ton of them. What's your favorite story of his?

Way to break our streak. I too enjoyed The Postmortal.

You know, I say I love Kurt Vonnegut, but I honestly cannot remember the plot of many of his books that I know I read. Guess it is time for a re-read of them all. My favorite has to be Slaughterhouse 5 and Galapagos, because I do remember (most) of those two.

Well, Lesbrarian,
somewhere, somehow, it was bound to happen that we would like the same book. I'm glad it was this one we agreed upon! And nice review of it yourself:

Well, can you believe I've not read all of Vonnegut's novels yet? I'd like to. And I don't remember ANY of the stories in either Welcome to the Monkey House or The Sirens of Titan (think those were the titles anyway), but I do remember liking them. Have you read his autobiographies? Good old Kurt. I miss him.

CAT'S CRADLE is easily my favorite Vonnegut, although SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE is the "classic" (my son read it for school this year; can you imagine?"

Judging by what you like, though, I'd recommend MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY, the posthumous (?) collection of essays. It is quintessential Vonnegut: witty, acerbic, savage, acute, with all the passion of the "frustrated idealist" that lies beneath every cynic and satirist.

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