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25 September 2013


One of the things I really miss, mostly since I started blogging, is finding books through serendipity. When I do pick up random books, it's usually just by wandering around my local library or favorite Half Price Books and pulling titles that seem interesting. I think I found Last Harvest, which was pretty random, on a book list and, since it had some relevance to issues coming up with my day job, I grabbed it.

The best part about working at a library as Readers Advisor is that I literally touch every book that comes into the building at least once. I go through at least one pad of sticky notes per month marking books "send to me after processing."

Most of them I don't do more than flip through, but it gives me a delightfully eclectic selection of titles: mostly fiction (including genres I don't usually read, like Christian and horror) and graphic novels, but also tons of art books, history books, books on various religions, self-help and how-to... really, just about anything but politics. I won't touch that.

I so hear you on blogging taking over the reading. This is reason #1 why I never accepted reading or advance copies--I really resist someone else having any influence on my reading list. This is also why I tend not to get bestsellers or word-of-mouth books right away--I want to read them, IF I want to read them, WHEN I want to read them. We get so few opportunities in life to really control anything--so I control my reading life, ironically, by almost always giving myself the freedom just to stumble across books.
Hope you get back to serendipitous searching soon!

I'm so glad for you. Isn't that the best? I used to like that at the library too--going through the "new" boxes, and also emptying the book returns to see what people in the community were checking out. I would have missed that once RFID tagging came in--I LOVED emptying the book bin by hand.
Ugh, politics. I'm starting to give books on it, and politics in general, a total miss, so I hear you on that.

No spreadsheets?! Actually, I moved off of my spreadsheet system (which was mostly for time sensitive tour books and galleys, anyway) and on to reading whatever I want. I get most of my recommendations from other trusted blogs and, of course, the occasional Google list search. However, I love political books :)

Well, the real reason I don't use a spreadsheet is because I never really learned to master Excel, and it's beginning to look like I never will!
Read any good political books lately? I like them too, but find there's too much dross to comb through to find the good stuff. So I definitely need recommendations in that area.

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