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23 September 2013


I'm so glad you mentioned the Amazon link! I'm going to start here whenever I head to Amazon from now on. Thanks for writing Sarah!

Librarian Lisa,
Thank you so much. It makes such a difference, because while blogging is really quite a reasonable habit to support, there still are costs for hosting, software, time, etc. Every little bit helps, and this summer I was helped through small cash crunches several times (I try not to be a profligate spender, but when you freelance, it seems like bills arrive faster than payments!) by revenue from this site. I am so lucky to be read by people like you!
p.s. other sites depend on this too; if you ever want to spread the love, great reading sites like Sophisticated Dorkiness (http://www.sophisticateddorkiness.com/), Savvy Working Gal (http://savvyworkinggal.blogspot.com/), and Bookshelves of Doom (http://bookshelvesofdoom.blogs.com/) all have associate links.

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