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02 October 2013


I just started this one, based on your recommendation, and it's great so far - so thank you!!

SO glad to hear it. Hope you like it all the way through--there's certainly a lot of food for thought there. I still can't get past the quote I included above.

Sounds great as does the one on shipping. When we got new toilets we looked at Toto but actually went with Kohler. But I emphasized to the person working with us that though I may not be a big woman I needed a workhorse toilet. Not many conversations in life where you really talk about this shit, as it were!

And that food for thought needs to be digested HAHAHAHAHAHA sometimes I just kill myself.

Yes, I really enjoyed this one. Would love to hear what you think of it.
Toto, Kohler, whatever works, but after this book, I realize how lucky am to have the option. I can't imagine trying to poop in a bag and tossing it away, which seems like the only choice in a distressing amount of places around the globe.
I personally think the world would be a better place if we talked about the shit, frankly. It would be a lot more illuminating than a lot of the pointless small-talk encounters we usually have.

Tee hee. In addition to killing yourself you slay me!

This sounds like a fun book. Plus, the title of your post is pretty catchy so I HAD to click on it! I'm a big non-fiction fan and this one is making it on the list!

Yes, I too love a good eye-catching title (I like "The Big Necessity" too--it really is). Pop back in if you read it and let me know what you think; I wish more people would find this book and author!

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