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28 October 2013


Congrats and I hope you are well. I might just have to check out 84 Charing again from the library now that you mentioned it.

Congratulations and happiness to you all. Growing people is an awesome thing.

Oh, CR, I am so happy for you and all the CR family! I had an emotionally horrifying pregnancy, but I would do it all over again for those earliest days with the littlest rambler cuddled next to me. And Helene Hanff sounds like the perfect thing to read.

Congratulations!! (And I must get this book.)

Thanks! And DO check out 84, CCR again--this is about the fourth or fifth time I've read it and it never disappoints.

Thank you! We're very happy CRjuniorest is here, although I had a good time growing him too.

Thank you too! I've still got to read your memoir--I'm sorry your pregnancy was emotionally horrifying. I tend to experience that in the postpartum and recovery period--but you're right, it's nice to think back already on a lot of little moments with the newest little CR family member.

Thank you! Have you not read 84 CCR yet? I think you'll love it--and the author. She was a New Yorker too--and truly loved the city, it shows up in all her writing.

Why THE DUCHESS isn't readily available is beyond me. But most things are.

Congratulations on your new arrival! I've missed your musings, but am glad to see your absence here was for a good cause. You're the one who introduced me to Helene Hanff and it sounds like time for a re-read.

Congratulations to the whole (and expanded) CR family!

But I do hope to see your writing coming back when you're a bit more rested.

Hurray, and congratulations!!

Congratulations! Well done!!

I'm going to London in December for the first time in 35 years. I plan to re-read 84CCR before leaving and giving it to my daughter to read as well.

Tell me one literary thing that you did on your trip that you would want me to see.

Is "The Duchess..." not owned by your library? That is indeed wrong, if so.

Thanks for the congrats! And I'm so glad to have introduced Helene to someone, I always think kindly on the person who introduced her to me. Let me know if you enjoy it as much as a re-read!

And thanks for the congrats. Although I too look forward to a little more rest, a little more reading, a little more posting. Am REALLY looking forward to "falling back" with the time change this weekend, hopefully an extra hour to sleep!

Thank you--I've been meaning to email you in response to yours a while back--maybe that's what I can use our extra hour for this weekend!

Thank you!
Oooh, a London trip in December. I am quite literally green with envy. (I'd love to go to either NYC or London around the holidays.)
Hmm, a literary thing in London. Can you believe I was a rather un-literary traveler in London? We weren't there very long, so of course we had to hit the Tower of London, the British Museum, etc. etc. BUT--we did go and walk on Charing Cross Road. It was rather anticlimactic because there's only a little plaque on the building where 84 CCR used to be, but also interesting just because it's still an interesting road. We also saw a play in the Theater District, and that was FANTASTIC. Would highly recommend that. (I've been to London twice, and on the first trip with my brother, we went to see Agatha Christie's play "The Mousetrap," and that was a ton of fun too, even with my brother leaning over every two minutes and whispering, "Okay, did you figure it out yet? Here's who did it...")
While in Great Britain our most literary trip was to Bath, to pay tribute to all things Jane Austen. I LOVED that, but you have to be a shameless Austen fangirl. Really, my day there was one of the best of my life. Saw the grand crescent you see in all the movies, saw the Pump Room, just walking the streets that haven't changed all that much since Austen's time, what a treat. Have FUN when you go, whatever you do! I'm sure you will. Is your daughter going with you?

Congratulations! Well done, bringing more readers into the world.

I have one daughter studying in London for the semester. My other daughter and I will be going for a week at the end of her term there. So far I have scheduled "The Mousetrap" and a Dickens walking tour. And a one-day train trip to Paris at which I'd like to see Shakespeare and Company (the book store where Hemingway, Fitzgerald, et al used to hang out). I've sent the daughter here the three Hanff books and told her to read them before we go. I'd like to see the Reading Room in the British Museum where Marx wrote "Das Kapital."

My daughter at school now is going to Bath in a week or so. I told her to read the first half of Northanger Abbey before she goes. Hope she does.

I'd love to spend a year or so living in London (wouldn't we all) so I felt I really knew how to get around. So many things I read are set there that it would be nice to know where things are located. We can all dream, can't we?

OMG! This is what happens when I step away from reading blogs for a while. Congratulations on your newest little reader. Can we call him CR3?

Well, I'll admit I kind of hope he's a reader. I know you don't have to be to be happy but still...such a great hobby, and healthier for the head than football! :)

Fantastic, I'll love to hear what you say about "The Mousetrap." And the day trip to Paris is also a spectacular idea. We wanted to do that but didn't have the time. I hope you and me both can spend a year in London/England sometime, how great would that be?
Everything in the British Museum, including the building itself, is gorgeous. One or two nights of the week they're open later, so it's a nice outing after dark when it's less fun to walk around unfamiliar streets.
How did your daughter like Bath?

Thanks for the congrats! And I like CR3, less of a mouthful than CRjrst (Mr. CR and I discussed what to call him here--if it had been a girl we were set to call her CRjrette, but it looks like I'm destined to be surrounded by testosterone. :). Consider him so dubbed!

Woohoo! Congratulations on the new little one! Your description of the bliss moment -- baby and book -- is perfectly lovely.


I think of you when I think of Helene Hanff, too. :)

Must tell Donna to go to PERSEPHONE BOOKS. So a cool place, publishing the bestest books. If you wade to the bottom of this post, the last photo is me by the bookstore in the book section of London: http://bkclubcare.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/copley-in-london/

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