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16 December 2013


I doggedly struggled through this, too. Why wasn't it funnier? It's been awhile since I've read any of the originals, but my memory is that Jeeves always did the exact right thing at the exact right time. Which didn't seem to be the case here. (Is my book memory being influenced by my TV series memory? Is my memory...what's the word...now, what was I saying?)

Belated congrats on your newest reader!

I salute you: I've decided to give up without finishing it. I'm going to save my time and read more of the originals, as well as Wodehouse's Psmith series. Sadly there just isn't enough time to read pale imitations, like this one.
Yes, Jeeves just wasn't quite right here, nor was Bertie. And I maintain he's not actually supposed to fall in love or anything silly like that--he's supposed to be chased, unwillingly, by women like Honoria Glossop! Anything else is just not right.

And thanks for the congrats! We're always excited to have a new reader around.

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