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23 December 2013


I was such a Northern Exposure fan back in the day. I had a Northern Exposure t-shirt that I wore proudly. At a science fiction convention in San Francisco in 1993, a bunch of SF nerdy guys accosted me and basically told me that my t-shirt sucked, and what was I doing, wearing it to the Con? They acted as if I'd ruined their lives. Secretly, I hope I did.

Happy New Year to the CR clan!

Oh, Bybee,
Northern Exposure. I loved it too. After watching the episode where Chris flung a cow (actually a piano) I was literally so buzzed I had to call a friend about it just to chat it over, and she said she'd been dying to call someone about it too! And I still love Dr. Joel, although I could never really get into "Numb3rs."

I TOTALLY hope you ruined the lives, or at the very least the day, of those goons at the Con.

Happy New Year right back at you!

Is that the Northern Exposure with the incredible ceremony with the huge carved masks and the church with the candles and "Silent Night"? Guess I need to go searching at the library . . .

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