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09 December 2013


Two I can suggest for those interested in the human face of World War Two:

Adam Makos's A Higher Call, about the German ace who escorted a crippled American bomber to safety rather than shooting it down.

Wes Davis's Ariadne Objective, detailing the kidnapping of Nazi General Kreipe in Crete by a group of British undercover agents. I'm still reading this one, but it's interesting to me because of the fiction of British women authors like Mary Stewart (My Brother Michael) and Lucilla Andrews (Silent Song). They piqued my interest by incorporating British covert agents working with Greek resistance fighters into their stories. Now I have a better idea what they were talking about.

Both are very dense but they make the people and times come to life.

Thanks so much for the suggestions. You've offered great picks in an area I hardly ever read about--World War II--so thanks for covering one of my many subject deficiencies for me!

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