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02 December 2013


Something that worked for us was Mom or Dad making a big deal of how tired they were and lying down for a nap. Sure enough, when we woke up they were cuddled close, sound asleep. The rule was, they didn't have to sleep, they just had to be quiet so we could! And soon boredom set in, and then exhaustion had its wicked way with the won't-napper ...

And I enjoy everything you write (although I don't participate in the group reads, just don't have the time) and usually learn quite a lot from it. I'm thinking you need to cut yourself some slack this first year of New Baby #2, and maybe just post very short (think: 100 words or less) blurbs of Reading Now: [title/author/topic] - enjoyed very much. (Or, "don't bother: borrrrring" or whatever.) Or "on a cookbook glom" with the titles you scanned. That sort of chatty, twitterish (is that a word?) entry to let us all know you're still with us.

Maybe that way you could post more often, but not feel so pressured to have a substantial entry.

I agree with Lynne - just blurbs about the books you are reading would suffice. I also like your take on the year-end best of lists. I am just happy that you plan on continuing this blog. I am always so happy with your recommendations.

Also I am reading a book now I think you might like - The unwinding : an inner history of the new America by Packer, George

Congratulations on CRJr2.

I love your choices and always find something well-worth reading. And lately I've actually managed to read a number of them and loved them. So maybe as Lynne says, write shorter. But I do like the fact that you do meaty reviews. I need reasons to read it or stay away so long enough to be able to do that. (Bought 3 copies of The Uncommon Reader for xmas presents after reading Joe Queenan).

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