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12 December 2013


Haven't read any title on any of those lists; lots I haven't even heard of. Though I did just get the book about Ben Franklin's sister from the library. Seemed like a short wait. And I've got a WWI book and a WWII book on hold from these lists. I pick up a lot from the new books displays at the library but I also don't care if I'm reading anything current. Have friends with somewhat similar tastes so we share titles and talk about what we've read but on no actual agenda or format.

I second the fact that I hadn't heard of a ton of those titles either!
Please do let me know (in any comments, doesn't have to be on this post) about that Ben Franklin's sister book. I tried to read "Mansion of Happiness" (or something like that) by that author--Jill Lepore, I think?--and was totally bored, so I was wary of this new titles.
I love talking books too, obviously, but it doesn't always have to be about the new new thing. Everything else in our lives seems to be by agenda these days, so it's nice not to have to follow a set plan for reading, isn't it?

I have found that I don’t like most of the books that made the top lists. I couldnt’ get into Tenth of December and put it down and had no desire to read most of the “best book” of 2013! So don’t worry about your total because you probably read better books on your own :)

Yup, most of the lists leave me cold too.
I did like "Tenth of December" but only in fits and starts--mainly George Saunders's fiction scares the crap out of me because it seems both very dystopian and very current.

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