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19 December 2013


Was it you who recommended to me CURSING MOMMY'S BOOK OF DAYS? Or was it just my hazy recollection of loving Ian Frazier's essays?

Anyways, I think it's a novel that you would really like. It reminded me a lot of MAD ABOUT THE BOY, except *much* less British (the Cursing Mommy lives in California, after all), and generally a bit more ... brittle? Jagged?

Anyways, how can one not fall a little bit in love with a suburban mother whose general response to those little bumps on life's sunny highway is to lie on the kitchen floor with a drink and scream "FUUUUUUUUCK YOU GEORGE BUUUUUUUUSSSSH!"

You know what, CR? I just enjoy Helen Fielding, too. Jonesy forever!

Right on. Jonesy forever!

I think that title came up here once, brought up by someone else, but I did not suggest it. LOVE the title though and will now have to request the book. Sounds like it contains some drinking suburban mothers I'd like to get to know. :)

Funny - I finished reading it yesterday and I thought the whole book was just too sad. Amusing and funny at times, but overall, just so melancholy and sad.

You know, Heather, I read your review, and I thought, how interesting how the same book can strike all readers differently. It WAS sad at times (the entire premise especially) but I think I just find something always so hopeful about Bridget Jones, that I couldn't think the whole thing was all sad. I liked that she still had the energy to be snarky to the other "perfect mommy" at her kids' school on email--and then she found out that perfect mommy's life wasn't so perfect either, and she could relate to her after all. I thought there were enough funny little human moments like that to keep it from being too maudlin.
Here's Heather's review, all: http://www.lectio.ca/?p=6709

I am saving it to read in a moment when I really, really need to. Which may involve actually (re)reading all three of them. Which may require sending my not-so-small boy to his grandmother's for a day. Which might be good for everyone.

I SO hope you like it. Two people now have told me they couldn't even get past the first fifty pages. Come back and let me know what you think, okay?
I too want to read the first two again (and see the movies), so I think I'm going to make that happen. Let's all send our smallish boys to their grandmother's!! :)

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