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13 January 2014


I used to write the books I read in a small notebook that I carried with me. I wrote L next to the ones I listened to and R next to the ones I was rereading. Once I stopped doing that and starting trying Excel, a Google Doc, GoodReads, etc., I pretty much lost all ability to keep track of what I was reading. All hail analog.

I love spreadsheets and I hate math. I have been using goodreads to track my reading for a few years, but I also keep a spreadsheet of what I read and books I want to read. I put in the titles, author, year of publication, nationality and gender of the author, fiction or non-fiction, if I own the book or if it is a library copy and where I got the recommendation, if any. Totally nerdy, but I love looking at it and seeing the ratio of owned vs borrowed books (about 50%) and stuff like that.

I hate spreadsheets AND math! You can see why I'm destined to not be successful in life. :)
I use this blog to track my reading, but lately time gets away from me. I often have to return overdue books to the library before I get a chance to blog about them! So I thought if I dumped some info in a spreadsheet, I could use that to blog and still get my books back on time. I'm sure everyone at the library would appreciate that.
Good info on what you track--I hadn't thought of gender/nationality of author stuff. I also want to track where I heard about a book--although I'll probably forget where I heard about it by the time I get it read and entered into a spreadsheet!

I do the mostly same as Ruthiella - mine is a google doc. I don't track author nationality. I track page count, genre, how many times I've read that author, primary setting country and sometimes by state (only for US), and if on the 1001 books to read before I die list. If audiobook, I include hours. Rating out of 5 stars (goodreads.com). Most of this I include in each blog post/review as well as the list I keep there so I can update the spreadsheet whenever; 5-6 times per year probably.

Good luck!

I'm so glad I asked this question, I never would have thought of some of things you and Ruthiella mentioned. Including the primary setting is a fabulous idea, as is how many times you've read the author.
Here's to a great year of reading!

All hail analog indeed--your comment got put into "spam" and I just found it now (two weeks later). So sorry about that.
Yeah, I usually do a LOT better with paper and pen. I'm going to try Excel, just for the year, though. Gotta move with the times, you know, even though Excel is now behind the times.

I like goodreads.

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