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29 January 2014


I'm somewhere between "The Book Snob" and "The Show Off." But I'm really a nice guy. Honest.

Tee hee. I had aspects of "Book Snob" too, and let's be honest, who writes a whole blog about books if they aren't a bit show-offy?
But I can vouch for your being a nice guy. And a heck of an author:

I'm a compulsive book-busting multitasking re-reader. Also a situational omnireader spoiler comfort reader. And a free-range complicated all-the-timer. In other words, a mutt. Aren't you surprised? (I know, you had your suspicions all along. hee hee)

Lovely to see you posting regularly again!

Tee hee! I was a little amused myself, deciding that there were very few categories of reader that I didn't fit in! Not surprised at all to hear you are a "mutt" too! :)
Lovely to be posting regularly again. Let's see how long I can keep it up!

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