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21 February 2014


"topics I am better at reading about than actually doing"--yes, so, so true. For instance, I love to read books about style and fashion and how to remake your wardrobe, but you would not know that to look at my actual wardrobe.

How are you liking the one about raising a son? I noticed that we're on duty till said son is 29.

Anyway, does the book seem useful/practical for both parents. Of course, I will have to read it for myself and son's dad.

Ha, I enjoy style books too, and I am currently down to one pair of pants, one shirt, one sweater, and one pair of shoes that 1. aren't stained, and 2. fit well enough to wear in public. So sad. I even like reading men's style books, and I certainly have no intention of "dressing" Mr. CR.

CR Fan,
As a matter of fact, I am NOT enjoying the book "Raising a Son." It's quite long-winded and a bit too heavy on the testosterone/"becoming a man" aspect. (What I want, actually, I think, is a "How NOT to become a stereotypical 'man'" book.) I'll read some more because it was actually given to me by a nice, smart person who I respect, but...I have yet to find a good "raising boys" book, as a matter of fact. Perhaps because I am somewhat boy-like myself, and too lazy to find the right book?

The best "raising a son" advice I ever got was from my mother, actually. When I said I hoped to only have daughters "because I don't even know what to talk to boys about!", Mom said, "You talk to boys the same way you talk to girls: Finish your dinner. Pick up your room. And so on."

It seems to have worked for the last eighteen years, anyhow.

My favorite cookbook of the moment is THE COMPLETE MIDDLE EAST COOKBOOK by Tess Mallos. It's more a "reading" cookbook than a "doing" book; partly because the ingredients can be a bit tricky (I don't often see goat shanks or lamb brains at Wal-Mart) but mostly because the dishes tend to be either fiddly or of the "simmer four hours" type, neither of which suits my "get dinner on in fifteen minutes" lifestyle.

But they all *sound* so delicious, and the photos are gorgeous, and there are enough cultural notes to make me feel a longing for lands I've never seen...

Ha, that's the funniest (and most true, of course) thing I've heard about raising kids in a long time.
MMMmmmm cookbooks you like to look at, with no intention of using. I have Julia Child's original French cookbook, no way am I making anything out of that, but it sure is fun to read once in a while.
They don't sell lamb brains (for less) at Wal-Mart? I'm very disappointed to hear that.

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