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07 February 2014


I was appalled to find myself skimming the part recounting James' time abroad. Guess I just wanted more present-time plot. And definitely less evil Wickham - though why do I think his preying on Lydia (not yet fifteen) is less smarmy than his preying on the thirteen-year old maid? Maybe the girls' relative positions of power? Who would protect an orphan maid?

Anyway, I wanted to love it and only liked it. But thought it was better than Death Comes to Pemberley.

Yes, the part with James witnessing the war crimes, and what happened to him--also a bit too much "keeping it real" for me, frankly.
Why can I read True Crime and about countless war crimes in NF (I've read a ton of books on Rwanda, for instance) but I cannot stand it in my fiction? I wonder.
Yeah, the 12 vs. 15 argument. No question Lydia was too young. But a 12-year-old housemaid, presented as completely childlike, and a 15-year-old ingenue flirting outrageously, still seems a BIT different to me. As in, a man who is interested in the latter, not quite as icky as the former.

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