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25 February 2014


Hi, CR. I hope you wrangled some reporters. The PLA conference will be memorable for circumstances if not for content. It will a quite nice 65 degrees on Tuesday when some of us arrive, but there may be 4 to 8 inches of snow in Indianapolis on Wednesday. Thursday the Big Ten basketball tournament starts just a few blocks from the convention center. I'm hoping to get a parking spot in a garage when I arrive and just keep it until I leave Saturday. I'm also expecting that there will be lines in restaurants, unless all the basketball fans can be kept in the field house for three days. I know some people who planned to go to PLA but could not get rooms. Maybe Indianapolis is big enough that we won't notice the basketball fans much. I hope there aren't all night parties in rooms near mine. You know what Bilbo Baggins hates!

It would be more fun if you were in Indianapolis.

Thanks, Rick--

We did find someone and I'm quite excited about posting her updates!

I very much hope both the weather and the basketball tournament do not have a negative impact on your trip!

I'm sorry I won't be there--I did always like PLA. It would be fun to see you too! I'll have to drive down to Chicagoland one of these days and visit.

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