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17 February 2014


I read in Wikipedia that in the second edition of Underfoot in Show Business “Moss Hart” was changed to “Noel Coward”. Would that have made any difference to you CR?

I loved 84, Charing Cross Road, but I was less enamored of her two follow ups. Still, I agree, Hanff was a remarkable character.

Thanks for the link, that was fun. Awww, Stacy dedicated the video to you! I read the book because of you too. I wonder how many converts are due to you?

Well, I got the gist of who Moss Hart was (and Wikipedia always helps with that kind of thing), so no, I can't say "Noel Coward" would have appreciably changed the reading experience.

I'm so glad you loved 84CCR. I'm so glad if I've introduced it to anyone! If I can make some Hanff Converts, well, then I'll feel I've really done something with this old life. (My next job is to convert more people to Stacy Horn! I think she's such a great writer and also a good soul. C'mon--you gotta love someone who posts a Hanff-centered NYC walking tour.)

Oh, you can count me as a Stacy Horn convert too. I bought and read "Waiting for my Cats to Die". I loved it.

Use your power wisely CR. :)

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