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26 March 2014


You're a children farmer, now.

Thanks for this title - will replace Bootstrapper (which I always see as "Bookstrapper," and therefore even more attractive-sounding) on my hold list.

Never wanted to be a farm wife so I got out of town fast after high school. I just finished Sous Chef, which was enjoyable. Covers 24 hours in the life of a chef. They work just about as hard as farmers wives.

Robin, Fellow Jolly Child Rancher--
Tee hee--just hoping we get some sunshine/above freezing weather sometime soon for our children plants. :)

Yes, I vastly preferred this one to Bootstrapper.

Goodness, farm wife. The only harder job than farmer.
Thanks for the "Sous Chef" suggestion--sounds like what I need!

Oh, perfect. I have a friend who doesn't read fiction, but has backyard chickens which she loves (possibly) more than her children.

Finally, a book I can give her as a gift!

Yes, I've noticed that people who like chickens, REALLY LIKE chickens. Hope your friend likes this book if you get it!

I like to read "I just want to farm and grow my own food and get my hands in dirt." Note I said read, not live. Also, I like it if they share their produce with me. But doing it? No way.

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