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06 May 2014


I liked the book when I read it, I think mostly because it was about book people. But, your comments are spot on. It's the kind of book to recommend to people who like Nicholas Sparks, etc., and not a book to recommend to people who like something meatier.

"I do not enjoy novels that purport to be gentle little things delivering that message with a sentimental sledgehammer."

I liked this sentence a lot. It's how I feel about a lot of Sparks/Picoult type books -- working with a sledgehammer but pretending to be using a hammer.

Yes, we book people are suckers for books about books and book people, aren't we? How can we help it?
Can you think of a "meatier" book about books/bookstores that you could recommend to me?

Oh, a girl after my own heart. I was a little bit proud of that sentence, although it's actually kind of clunky. Thank you.
Oh, Jodi Picoult. Picoult doesn't even use a sledgehammer, she uses a jackhammer. Picoult and subtlety have never, ever been in the same room (or house, frankly).

I'm so relieved you said that about the potato peel pie book. I didn't like it and everyone around me in person and online was gushing to beat the band. You've vindicated me!

Dearest Bybee,
Well, sometimes I think my mission in life is to give people permission to dislike the books everyone else loves. Perhaps this is why phrases like "sure bets" and "crowd pleasers," when applied to books, make me nutty bar. Not every book can please every reader...and that is the way it should be!

Thank you! I really hated The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society and feel like anyone who has read it has an honest opinion on it. I can't even say I remember what that book was about, besides the fact it bored me to tears (but I had to finish it, as I finish all books!!)

I'll say this for TGLAPPS (in addition to saying this: I hate its long title that I can never remember without looking it up): at least it was short. So if you were compelled to finish it, it didn't take you too long!

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