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10 June 2014


I had unmedicated labor. My mom insisted that I would wuss out during transition and probably way before that, so I had to show her how tough I was.

Do you think your mom planned it that way as a motivational ploy? Color me impressed by you.

On my second I made it all the way to the end unmedicated, but then allowed the dr. to talk me into an epidural for the vacuum extractor (she was thinking it might go c-section and it would be better to have the spinal in place). I was scared of everything else during my pregnancy, but not labor. Mainly I was just curious. And I am not one of those athletic types who has ever been curious about my endurance for anything, so that was a really novel feeling for me. In a way I wish all challenges in life could be met as easily as labor. It hurts for a while, you know why it hurts, you hurt for a purpose, and then, wonder of wonders, that type of hurting stops. It was really, when I think about it, the most enjoyable pain ever.

Yes, I am crazy. I am aware.

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