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09 April 2015


Another Cornish series you might enjoy, although it's set a bit later (Victorian times), is Gloria Cook's Meryen saga. It's one of those train wrecks you can't look away from, although each book does end on a hopeful note.

HAH! I feel so validated, having stubbornly held on to the entire Poldark saga through not one but two "whole collection" weeding cycles.

Now with the new TV series coming, all the other libraries will come crawling with ILL requests (They called me MAD! Mwua-ha-HAH!)

... okay, now we know what happens when Fiction Collectors crack under the strain of powah ...

Thank you so much for the suggestion! Oddly, normally I am not a reader of "sagas" or train wrecks, but I've just been in that mood lately. Nice knowing they end on nice notes too. A few of the Poldark books do so as well--the one that ends around Christmastime was particularly nice, and gave me warm fuzzies. I blew through them so fast I can't even remember which one that was, from just six months ago!

Oh, Hapax,
You are the QUEEN of fiction collection. I had to ILL one of the volumes outside my home library, and boy was I thankful that someone had it! Good on you.
Yes, I think too that the series will drive at least a few holds--although all the previews I've seen of the new TV show make me think it will not hold a candle to the books. But then, I am already annoyed that a blonde/red-headed Demelza has been cast; she's supposed to have very dark hair and eyes! Good lord, somebody finally writes a gorgeous brunette character and even British TV balks at casting a person to match the description.
an obviously bitter brunette

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