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13 May 2015


Mansplaining: The Book

Exactly. Another perfect alternative title. And don't forget Mansplaining: The Movie, coming soon!

It's hard to forget when it's playing (figuratively) every day of your life.

LOVE your opinions on books. Thank you. (and I don't know who (as I scroll up to check his name again) David Shields is. I enjoy it sometimes when I find I'm clueless.)

Oh Care,
You're so kind.
Yeah, David Shields. A lot of people must know who he is, and buy his books, because he and Caleb also chewed the fat about how much money they make, and it sounds like he's making a pretty good living teaching and writing. That and the four-day chatting vacations with your bud--good work if you can get it!

Took me a minute to remember David Shields. It took me another ten minutes to remember I'd read half of Reality Hunger a few years ago.

Did you understand it? (RH.) I just have this memory of being both totally bored and totally confused by it.

No, I didn't understand it, which might've been why I gave up. Or maybe I was utterly bored with it and just never picked it up again. It was pointless. I don't remember anything about it, or what it was supposed to be about. You know your book is boring when even I don't have an opinion on it. RH left absolutely no impression me.

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