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24 July 2015


I love shopping and I love clutter. For me, be surrounded by my "stuff" (mostly books and sharp pointy weapons but also all sorts of odd jigmajobs) definitely "sparks joy". So I don't think this system would work for me.

I should get rid of some of my clothes, I know, but the problem is (apparently) I have terrible taste. The clothes that earn me compliments are always the boring neutral-colored tailored ones I'm "meh" about, whilst the ones that make me happy and dance-y are the ones that ... well, as my daughter said once, "That probably looked very good on you when you were in grade school."

Fooey on her. I'm old enough to wear sparkly purple shoes again if I wanna.

Anybody should be able to wear purple sparkly shoes whenever they want. Wear the clothes that make you happy. I have a tan short trench/rain coat that I bought to go to a conference, because Mr. CR pointed out that perhaps I should not wear my regular jacket, which I had rescued from a former job's lost and found. I wore the trench coat and have gotten several compliments on it, and still I dislike it. Dressers with terrible taste, unite!
Well, as long as you keep what "sparks joy," I think you are following Kondo's system. If you can find what you need in your clutter, where's the problem?

I hate hate hate clutter. It makes me claustrophobic.

A few years ago, I dumped my 300+ books at some charity bin. I will never ever own that many books again. They were a bitch to move. Now, I probably have 20 or so books, and could get rid of half of them. One of the best things I've ever done, getting rid of those books. I hate having too many choices. If I eat out, which is almost never, I always order the same thing. The only exception is the liquor store. I love choices at the liquor store.

I hate clutter in the form of knickknacks. But I'll admit I seem to move in a cloud of binders, loose paper, and books. I used to live with my brother and it made him nuts. But what can you do?
I think most people hate having too many choices. It's part of what paralyzes us today. Except, of course, at the liquor store.

I have a REAL problem with clutter. I have this book (and my mother offered to buy me a copy, which shows you how bad it is . . .). I have read parts of it, but I tend to not follow through. She does have a good point in that you need to deal with each "type" fully by itself (say, clothes, then books, then files). I could make a lot of money selling my stuff but I would have to get it ready and then take to consignment stores. Ebay would be another level up.

What's wrong with the trench coat? Too "tan"? But it's "safe" and you have it when you need it.

Yeah, Kondo made a lot of good points. What I would love is the luxury of a couple of uninterrupted hours in which to deal with different "types"--I'd have no trouble tossing stuff!
Ugh, consignment stores, I love shopping in them but I've heard several horror stories now of people getting their clothes all laundered and ready and then the consignment store will only take like 10% of their pile. I do wish you luck if you go that route.

Oh, the trench coat. I always feel like I'm a little girl playing "dress-up" when I wear it. It is probably good to have a safe option but I will never love it like I love my brown delivery person's jacket (the one I rescued from lost and found) that has an "Old Home" badge on it. I used to wear it all the time and someone finally said, "Hey, Old Home, that's a type of bread!" (And so it is:
http://bozell.com/work/old-home-bread/). THAT is my kind of clothing, sadly.

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