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16 July 2015


With parenting books, as so much in life, read as many as you can and then disregard 99.995% of it. The one grain that you do keep, however, will definitely make your life much easier!

And yes, it's an eternal struggle. Hang in there CR, eventually they *will* be delightful to be around, although 30 days does sound somewhat optimistic. ;-)

Yes, every now and then I pick up a useful tidbit. You've got to plow through a lot of non-applicable nonsense, though.

Actually--I shouldn't even complain. The boys usually do fall closer to delightful than they do difficult. Sometimes I just remember the discipline my parents had around our (still very loving) household, and I know we've got nothing like it here (although still trying to hit the very loving benchmark). But it worries me a bit.

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