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09 September 2015


Not really related, but sort of, because it is relevant to YOUR job - I just read this article (via Readers Advisor blog, which I know you follow) and would like your thoughts: http://hazlitt.net/feature/good-girls-guide-staying-alive

The essay purports to find societal misogyny and violence against women at the root of the True Crime genre's overwhelmingly female audience (and, to a lesser degree, authorship). Me, I dunno. I'm not much of a True Crime fan, except for periodic binges during periods of great outside stress. And I *know* what's behind that -- a not-so-sublimated desire to viciously (and vicariously) murder just about everyone I come in contact with.

Hapax, m'dear,
Hilariously, I not only follow the Reader's Advisor Online blog, I co-write it. I linked to that article on true crime!

I'm going to write a post about that article in the near future. For my tastes the article itself was a bit long and meandering, and didn't really hit on why I personally read True Crime. But I was just so damn glad to see ANYONE writing about True Crime that I had to post to the link. I find it interesting--I'd suspected but never known--that women are the primary readers of it.

Thanks for reminding me of this--I'll expect to hear what you think of that article either in these comments or in the next post I write on it. Mr. CR tends to think I have a lot of anger so why I read TC is probably a lot closer to the reason why you read TC than the reasons explored in the article.

Hey, Hapax,
As long as we're on the subject--anything you'd like to see us add to the RAO blog to make it more useful to you? How do you feel about our categories of information? We'd like to make it as helpful a resource as possible.

I thought you were a contributor, but wasn't sure. RAO blog is a must stop for me every Thursday afternoon and Monday morning!

I use the "New, Noteworthy, & No-brainer" to double-check my orders.

I like all the link round ups, but mostly use the news, booklists, and "lighthearted links", which I shamelessly steal and repost on our library's social media.

The only thing I could wish for more of is more links to the nuts and bolts of the industry (especially sales and marketing), since it is a pretty good indicator of reading trends; and more on the various "bookish" controversies (oh, like the Sad Puppies Hugo debacle, or the assorted plagiarism scandals, or the Franzen Feuds), because I personally find them fascinating (and occasionally hilarious). But that's just because I'm lazy, and like one-stop shopping; I know where to find this stuff when I want to read it.

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