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10 February 2016


I have not thought about Burt Reynolds in a long time. he sounds like he had a more interesting life then expected.

There are indeed certain rape scenes that are so difficult to watch. I remember the one in Deliverance. I found the one in the film Blindness so disturbing that I am refraining from reading the book because of it.

I found the book way more interesting than I thought I would, actually. Reynolds's career spanned so many decades that he knew a lot of different stars from different ages--which was fun to read--and he also had a lot to share about acting and the different movies he was in. The stuff about doing his own stunts (and how others do stunts), particularly in Deliverance, was fascinating.

Thanks for the heads up about "Blindness." Always meant to see the movie or read the book but will now probably not do either. And that's okay. I can read about the subject--I still remember Alice Sebold's "Lucky," about when she was raped--as a heartbreaking but really thoughtful read, but for whatever reasons I really don't like it in my fiction or movie choices.

Glad to hear it was an enjoyable book. I'm adding it to the list of possible autobiographies for Book Bingo.

Oh, this would totally work for Book Bingo. For one thing, it would earn you a square in the quick 45 minutes (roughly) it would take you to read the whole thing. Score!

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