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01 March 2016


Darn, I was hoping you had read/reviewed it.

Thanks for the heads-up! I just ordered it for the library.

Well, I should. If I get to it I'll post a review. These "Links" posts are just short reminders to myself, more than anything--thought I could use them to go back periodically and see what books I wanted to read. I used to just request them from the library, but I don't get to read as much anymore and just can't get through books fast enough to make that work!

You're very welcome. People do still enjoy their micro-histories, I think.

These micro histories can be very good. They also can tell us a lot about the world beyond the subject that they concentrate on. I can imagine how insightful a book on cotton would be.

Yes, I like a good micro-history myself, but sometimes, ironically, I find them a bit too big to take in. I think it is hard for me to concentrate on one subject through many years of history! Someday I hope not to be so scattered.

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