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28 March 2016


I liked the first few books by Augusten Burroughs — shocking, funny, smart — but enough already! How many memoirs can one person write? And what life warrants so many? (and his brother has written two, as well).

Well, Drew, in all fairness, if anyone's got the type of life who can sustain a lot of memoirs, Augusten Burroughs is probably that person! I was never a huge fan, though, so I will probably let this latest one go unread.

Ooh, Adam Hochschild. I loved his book Bury the Chains about the British abolitionist movement. I still need to read King Leopold's Ghost though which is his most well-known.

Some of these look really interesting.

I would not mind reading a biography of Frederick the Great. I think that I prefer biographies to be longer rather then shorter.

Of course, Adam Hochschild. I knew I knew that name--King Leopold's Ghost! I read it a LONG time ago but remember it was good. Never did read Bury the Chains--thanks for the reminder!

Well, long biographies can be good, but the problem is finding the time!

I always enjoy time spent with Augusten Burroughs.

In my secret twangy heart, I want to read the new George Jones biography.

Actually, I never used to care for Augusten Burroughs, but I find myself softening toward him. Might have to try this new memoir, just for fun.
You know, I almost said something about that George Jones bio. I always kind of liked George Jones.

You [!] read a Rainbow Rowell novel? Well, there's my April Fool's joke. Which one? How did you like it (or not)?

Let me guess: if it was ELEANOR & PARK you loved it, if ATTACHMENTS you thought "okay but unmemorable", anything else you thought "meh, overhyped."

(Note -- these are not my own opinions [except E&P] but my best guess at your reactions)

How did I do?

I never April Fool about books. I never April Fool about anything. I am boring, and also weirdly gullible, so it is NOT my holiday.

I read "Landline." Ding ding ding ding--you're a winner--pretty "meh." I always meant to read Eleanor and Park but something about the current YA juggernaut wears me out before I even get around to reading any of the books! Should I get over it and read E & P?

And yeah--why would she have an author photo done by Augusten Burroughs? Seemed like a weird connection.

Not-current YA is okay though, which is why I've been spending time this month with my favorite teen Brit, Georgia Nicolson.

E & P isn't my favorite Rowell, but it is, I think, her most "grown-up" -- which is odd, because it's also the most natural fit for the YA section.

But the characters are interesting and complicated without being too-too "quirky", the narrative has a very satisfyingly ambiguous conclusion, and (okay, this is catnip to ME) the book is crammed with 80's pop culture allusions.

It isn't British, but I think you would like it.

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