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04 March 2016


I've been curious about this book, as I really do want to take a road trip in the Deep South sometime in the next few years. I've had a few people say, why would you do that, why don't you go visit X instead? I'm not sure, I think it's a combination of Civil Rights reading / Eudora Welty / and curiosity about the food & music mostly. Also my dad was born and lived a few early years in Louisiana, and I think that was the initial spur.

I really don't know what to tell you about this book. It did not make me want to travel in the south, although I'll admit it did make me curious about the people--Theroux found people so willing to talk--that part always amazes me about travel/investigative writing.

I would never question someone else's traveling wishes, though. If you've thought it over enough to want to travel somewhere, chances are you have a reason! So if you want to go, I hope it is a good trip for you!

As a longtime (albeit somewhat unwilling) resident of Arkansas, I can tell you that there is no place that would welcome Clinton's philanthropic efforts LESS than this state.

Arkansans don't care for "charity" much. By and large, they're not to too fond of Clintons either.

I found Theroux's book horribly condescending. And he could have done a mite more research before showing up, instead of operating on stereotypes and assumptions.

There is a lot of stunning scenery in the Southlands, and a lot of history -- Civil War, particularly, but also literary history, if that's your thing. Also some really fine cooking, if you're not too worried about your heart. If you're a crafty type, some of the best craft fairs are in this region.

Personally, though, I'd rather go practically anywhere else. Right now, Iceland's at the top of the wishlist...

You know, I wondered about the condescending thing. Couldn't decide if it was his writing style, travel style, or both. This is why I was a little surprised that people seemed to open up to him as much as they did.

He did describe the food well, I think, I do remember parts of it making me hungry. I wouldn't mind touring the region's restaurants, actually.

Interesting to note that Arkansas is not overfond of the Clintons. Everyone he mentioned them to certainly seemed just to want to move the conversation elsewhere.

p.s. Hope you get to at least take a trip to Iceland! I read the other day that "move to Canada" web searches spiked on Super Tuesday. That's the first thing I've heard about the coming election that made sense.

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