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18 March 2016


First, glad you're feeling better. This year's cold is a wicked, wicked thing.

Second, I love that you read both books and gave us the rundown. I can't get enough of books written from different viewpoints within the same book, and here you've taken it up a notch -- 2 books! And nonfiction! This is good stuff.

I had that cold too. It was awful. And then another one came around in February.

Having grown in Maine, it is interesting how it seems to be the default "getting away from it all" location sometimes.

I think the closest I've come to a nonfiction reading experience like this was reading One Bullet Away by Nathaniel Fick and Generation Kill by Evan Wright. Fick was one of the soldiers in Wright's book. Other similarily paired NF reads: Defiance by Nechama Tec and Jack and Rochelle by Jack and Rochelle Sutin. Both books concerned Jews who fled to the Belorussian forest to escape the Germans during WWII.

That's what I've heard. Year of the Killer Cold!
I love it when reading comes together like it did for me on these two books. It was my pleasure to write about it!

Oh, Christy,
I'm so sorry. I hope March will be Killer Cold-free for you.
I've always really wanted to go to Maine. Should I? What should I see first? I don't want to "get away from it all," but I would love to vacation and get some good seafood!

And thank you for the paired reading suggestions. WWII is a subject I can approach only so many times, but the Fick/Wright pairing sounds like something I should get right away.

Ugh, your killer cold sounds ghastly! Is everyone free of it now?

I didn't know there was a biography! I'm going to see about getting it for my grandmother -- she was just talking about how much she wanted to reread We Took to the Woods, and I bet she'd be interested in the biography. And I am too! In both (though the memoir more).

We are all vastly improved. Thanks for asking!
I think your grandmother would really enjoy "She Took to the Woods." It also included a ton of Rich's letters to various family and friends--great writing. She was really an honest and quite clever person, I think. I think you might like "We Took to the Woods" too. Definitely worth a look.

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