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02 March 2016


Good lord. I got about 2 screens into the linked essay and gave up. She's going right onto my 'avoid at all costs' list. grumble grumble harrumph

Heh. The NY Times ran a series of restaurant reviews about traditional Jewish delis a few years back, and I can never forget the reviewer writing, "I can't believe that I am getting PAID to go out and eat pastrami sandwiches every day. How did I get so lucky? What sort of hell shall I have to endure in my next life to make up for this?"

If only one of the "Pity me, as I have an existential crisis taking a year off to dine my way through Europe" types were that self-aware, I'd be a lot more inclined to read their books.

I read the whole thing, and sadly, 1. I just don't have the education or 2. the time, to appreciate it. Evidently snark is faster!

Tee hee. Where do I sign up for the deli reviewing job?

Just that snippet... Sheesh.

I tried, I really did. She's not totally uninteresting but most of it, as with the snippet, I just can't relate to.

I read one Heidi Julavits book, and that was enough for me probably. I mean I like diaries, but there are so many other books in the world!

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