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01 April 2016


I tend to like books that dig into the nature of the world and help explain why things are like they are. This looks like one of those books.

I look forward to your commentary if you decide to give this a read.

Oh neat! I am with you on April Fool's -- I hate pranks, and it's mean for people to pull them. The only kind of April Fool's Day thing I will accept is when people tell you something surprising and TRUE on April Fool's Day, and enjoy watching you try to sort out whether they are doing a prank or not. That sort of thing is okay.

Yes, I like those books too, although Mr. CR would say I only enjoy books that explain why things are going wrong. I have been bringing home a lot of depressing investigative nonfiction lately--maybe a history would be a nice change.

Yes, I've always found most April Fool's jokes to be mean, although other members of my family are actually pretty good at coming up with small, non-mean pranks. Still.

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