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20 July 2016


I'm bummed to hear this one isn't good. The boyfriend and I really like Silicon Valley. It's one of the funniest shows on right now. I think it shows how some of the entitled nature of those who make startups doesn't really work in the long term. It does have some problems with women, at least in part because there aren't many of them on the show regularly, but I'm usually willing to let that go because I otherwise like it a lot.

I unexpectedly love Silicon Valley -- I was sure it was going to be too dude-heavy for me to enjoy, but I've actually been getting a huge kick out of it! It gets a bit stressful sometimes, though, and I have to take a break to watch something more light-hearted.

I track where I heard about the books I want to read in my TBR spreadsheet. I have a text box to remind myself what it was about the book that made it sound good, and another text box where I note what blog/professional review/whatever mentioned it in the first place.

Book Confession: I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I liked "Disrupted." Yes, yes, the fish-out-of-water thing gets old but I was riveted by the "insider" view of an industry I know nothing about. It was so awful I couldn't put the book down.

Well, yeah, the problems with women...I'm starting to put together that the absence of women is not even the biggest problem going on in Silicon Valley. Some of the more interesting bits of this book are when Lyons talks about other tech companies and their not-particularly-female-friendly corporate cultures.

No need to be embarrassed here. You'll notice I read the whole thing. Actually, I've read a lot worse. And yes, I too learned something how this new tech economy/culture is "working"--and it scares the crap out of me. Evidently there's a new book out similar to this one--"Chaos Monkeys"--I'd like to get that too and see if it's a similar read, with a tone I might find less whiny.

Well, "Silicon Valley" is created and written by Mike Judge, and that guy is hilarious. ("Office Space"? Come on, what a great movie.)
Wow, you are organized. I hate having a spreadsheet, opening the spreadsheet, trying to make a note of anything in the spreadsheet. Your method is very smart, though. I'm going to try and do the same thing, only in a notebook, because that's the 1.0 way I roll.

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