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03 August 2016


This sounds like a more in depth version of Technocreep by Thomas Kennan. Yikes.

I read the first few chapters of this book and really needed to breathe into paper bags for a while. I can't make my passwords strong enough to fight the bad internet guys! It's too scary! I'm honestly not sure I can make it through the whole book.

Oh, Ruthiella, I was going to put that in the review! And I forgot! So typical. Remember when we read Technocreep?
Yes, I'd say this is Technocreep on speed. Reading the two of them together, seeing how technology is coming and the holes it has--very sobering.
Thank you for reminding me!

Yes, Jenny, that's why I had to read it about three pages at a time. Read a bit, freak out, read a bit, freak out. Exhausting.
Yeah, overall I think there's nothing we can do and maybe it's worse to be aware of some of the problems inherent in the system...but as much as I try to espouse the theory that it's better not to know...I still always kind of want to know.

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