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24 August 2016


Some parts I loved, some parts dragged. I have been playing the "poodle or wolf" game though as I ride the bus home. V. entertaining.

Susan, I'd agree with that assessment. Somewhat uneven.
For some reason I was confused throughout the "poodle or wolf" essay--couldn't keep straight which kind of woman was which. (Poodles are the "magical lovely women who inherently radiate femininity"--wolves "usually own two bras total, and neither of them matches their tattered old Gap underwear.") Hilariously, until I was forty I never ever looked at other women for comparison or with any interest. So some of these topics are all new to me.

I am not at all in to the celebrity memoir so online reviews are as much as I want or need to know about this book anyway! But I will say that Klein is a sometimes panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell me and she is pretty funny there.

Not the main point but is the elephant humidifier a humidifier shaped like an elephant, or a humidifier that is exceptionally large and they're denoting that with the modifier "elephant"? And if the latter, do babies need humidifiers? I AM GOING TO BE THE WORST AUNT.

Not the main point but a very important point indeed, under the category of Unnecessary Baby Crap. I'm guessing the humidifier is shaped like a cuddly elephant? Maybe you drain the water out its trunk? (BTW if that hasn't been done I should really make a prototype of that, who doesn't want a humidifier you empty through an elephant's trunk?)
The only reason babies need humidifiers, and who knows how helpful they are even then, is when they're all stuffy from having colds or allergies, or to help them sleep at night. We borrowed one from my brother once when CRjr was all snotted up and honestly--the directions that come with those things are like--1. clean out humidifier every morning, with hot water, bleach, and a crucifix, or it will get MOLD that will kill everyone in your house. 2. refill and reuse as necessary. I don't trust my cleaning skills on a good day, much less a day when I have no sleep after being up with a sick kid, so I put the humidifier away after one night of use and a full exorcism the morning after.

You're going to be a great aunt. Listen to the baby's mother when she tells you long-winded horror stories (see above) and offer to hold the baby sometimes while the mom naps. They'll both love you. Easy peasy.

Is she funnier than Paula Poundstone? I do love Paula on Wait, Wait...

Surprised I've never heard Klein there; I listen to that program quite frequently. She'd be a nice change for me from Amy Dickinson--I am not an Amy Dickinson fan.

No one is funnier than Paula Poundstone on Wait Wait. NO ONE!

Seriously, no one can touch her. But runners up IMO are Brian Babylon and BobCat Goldthwait.

I like the way Amy Dickinson giggles.

I like the quote about the long hair. That is so true.
And your comment about the humidifier instructions is also true and probably why my humidifier is currently in a corner gathering dust.

Oh, the quote about the long hair is SO TRUE. I'm not kidding, I laughed really hard at that. It's sad, really.

Yeah, humidifiers are good in theory, but I find a good steam in the bathroom and trying to sleep a bit elevated on the pillow a million times easier for cold relief, and a lot less cleaning. Buhbye, humidifier.

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