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31 August 2016


Have you read Sophie Page's TO MARRY A PRINCE yet? It's sort of an alternate England where Princess Charlotte didn't die and now in present times an ordinary girl meets Prince Richard, heir to the throne, at a garden party. Fun! ...and I have an extra copy I can send if you'd like - no pressure to return a library book that way. I too enjoy chick lit.

OOOhhhhh! Chick lit recommendation! thank you--they seem to be getting harder to find. I'll find a copy of that, so you don't have to send, but thank you for the very kind offer!

You might also enjoy Philippa Ashley's DATING MR. DECEMBER if you can snag a copy. She has a bunch of newer stuff "for fans of Poldark" but it seems to be digital only.

Jill Mansell and Trisha Ashley are other options if you like Katie Fforde and Sophie Kinsella.

We have some stuff by Jenny Colgan but it didn't hold my attention. YMMV ~

Oh, and did you ever read Katie MacAlister's stuff? Not the paranormals (which I do love but you prolly won't) but her CORSET DIARIES is especially funny ~

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