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12 October 2016


Grrat commentary on this biography.

Sometimes people who have achieved been involved in pursuits that we would not be interested in can have interesting autobiographies. People themselves are so intriguing.

I also never read Cosmo magazine. I preferred Glamour back in the day, ESPECIALLY the dos and don’ts section. This sounds like a fun and quick (despite its length) read.
I knew Brown’s name, but I probably would have been hard pressed to connect her to Cosmopolitan. I knew publishing, but that is it.

Thanks for the kind words!
I couldn't agree more that "people are intriguing." Maddening, too, sometimes, but "intriguing" is a much nicer way to put it. Lately I'm more in the mood for biography than memoir, though.

Can't say I was ever a big Glamour reader (maybe because I was, and am, a poster child for the DON'TS section). I absolutely love men's magazines, though. It always made me laugh in airports when I would stand and peruse GQ, Esquire, etc., and then notice the section where I was browsing also contained all the magazines in, ahem, black plastic wrappers. Classy.
Yeah, Helen Gurley Brown. I really kind of grew attached to her while reading this bio. She had chutzpah.

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